The MLC programme is the flagship programme of iF. This programme revolves around the utilization of the two Mobile learning and Infotainment centres that we operate. The MLC's support multiple activities of iF and also NGO's who are partners with iF. The MLC is a shared resources between these NGOs who work towards the betterment of deprived children. The main focus of this programme is to provide deprived children with access to education. Since a lot of these children live a nomadic lifestyle, we decided to take the school to the children instead of waiting for them to come to school. The purpose of this programme is not to substitute the school, but to provide a fill-gap solution that will generate enough fascination and curiosity towards learning so that children will be interested and motivated to go to school. We have extended the programme in various projects to ensure that the children are able to attend mainstream school. They need support to stay in school and at the same time the schools also need support to accommodate our children who face challenges to adapt to formal education.

Objectives & Methodology:

* To overcome the hurdles for deprived children to access learning possibilities
* Help transiton of street children into main-stream education system
* Trigger the fascination and curiosity of children to know more
* Life-skills training

Our organization has been conducting reading classes since 2006 in the municipal schools. Presently, the reading classes are conducted in 17 municipal schools and 4 private schools. A team of educators (referred to as "book fairies") carry a large range of books with them to the school and assist the students between 1st and 4th grade in reading them. The children are divided into groups based on their reading levels. Reading levels are determined through a pre-test and also two post-tests are conducted to find the changes in reading levels. Books are distributed as per these reading levels. In addition, several activities such as songs, stories, word games etc., are also used to get the children interested in reading.

Objectives & Methodology:

* Developing reading skills of children
* Inculcating reading habits
* Child development through stimulating the child's capacities
* Encouraging children's participation in all activities

From this year (2013-2014) eLearning project was initiated within 5 schools. The eLearning programme has become an important part of the children's learning process. The program empowers the teachers and increases their effectiveness. The students find computers engaging and we observed that they are very interested and enthusiastic to study science & mathematics through this medium.

Objectives & Methodology:

* Introduction of computers to children who have no access to them
* Efforts to mainstream computers as part of the education system
* Leverage the audio-visual flexible capability of computers to make learning more engaging and fun

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